Friday, 23 December 2016

Forever? Why the Diamond is the Timeless Gemstone for Engagement Rings

Today, women are enraptured by the idea of being presented with a gleaming diamond ring under a moonlit sky and illuminated by a thousand twinkling stars. Though this may seem like a modern way to ask for a woman’s hand in marriage, the idea of presenting a ring has actually been around since the Roman times. Back then, men would swap modest betrothal rings made of iron, then of gold.

When it comes to engagement rings, most people would immediately think of a gleaming diamond sparkling on a bride-to-be’s finger. It seems that diamonds have been the staple gemstone for engagement rings, and there’s a surprisingly rich history behind this.

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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Jewellery Shops Delve Into the History Behind the Exquisite Turquoise

Throughout the course of history, much importance has been given to the blue-green gemstone known as turquoise. Regarded as one of the world’s most ancient gems, turquoise has been used as talismans for royalty, warriors, and shamans. Though it lacks the sparkle and clarity often found in other transparent coloured gemstones, it still manages to draw everyone’s attention with its multi-layered history and rich colour.

Today, jewellery pieces embedded with turquoise sold at jewellery shops are still sought after.

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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Spreading the Holiday Cheer: Give the Gift of Jewellery This Season

Holidays are fast approaching, and the season of gift-giving has arrived once more. Make this season even more special by giving the gift of jewellery to your loved ones this holiday season! After all, there’s no other gift that’s more welcomed or treasured than diamonds sparkling off a finely-wrought jewellery piece.

You might be overwhelmed, though, with all the choices you have once you go to jewellers. With all the amazing jewellery pieces that you can give to your loved ones, you’ll want to pick the one that will feel the most special. Before you start your search, here are some factors that you’ll need to consider first.

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Friday, 18 November 2016

Merry Christmas! Tips on Giving An Engagement Ring as a Holiday Gift

With the holiday season fast approaching, numerous men are undoubtedly rushing to find the perfect engagement ring in time for Christmas. After all, Christmas is a special time of the year, making it one of the most romantic times to pop the big question to your significant other.

Yet, while you’re looking among engagement rings, you’ll also need to plan the perfect proposal. Make the night more memorable by incorporating any of these great ideas.

Find a special place

Is there somewhere that holds a special memory for you? A scene in your mind you’d like to replay forever? Give the location as to where to ‘pop the question’ some thought. Read more from this blog:

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Some Tips on Choosing Wedding Bands that Can Fit Your Engagement Ring

A lot of brides-to-be are often focused on their engagement rings that they often overlook the fact that they aren’t going to wear them forever. After the big day, it’s the wedding band that you’ll need to wear every day.

With this in mind, some of these brides-to-be tend to choose wedding bands from Berkshire jewellers that would go well with their engagement ring. This task might seem easy, but pairing a band to an engagement ring isn’t just about choosing a round band and calling it a day. Rather, it’s about choosing the perfect pair based on the design of your engagement ring. Read more from this blog:

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Jewellery Shops Offer Outlandish and Imaginative Georg Jensen Pieces

Who knew that both fantastical and practical elements make for a stunning combination? This marriage is at the core of each piece produced by world-renowned Danish brand Georg Jensen. For over a hundred years, this jewellery brand has been the epitome of quality craftsmanship and timeless design.

The Jensen brand makes a range of lifestyle products, including timepieces, jewellery, and home products, most of which can be found at nearby jewellery shops. You might be wondering, though: what’s the secret to the lasting success of the Georg Jensen brand?

Inspired by Fairy Tales

Georg Jensen, the man behind the widely-successful brand, was influenced by the magical landscape of his childhood surroundings. Read more from this blog:

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Jewellers Invite You To Marvel and Gaze At The Ageless Beauty of Topaz

It’s difficult to attribute a particular colour to topaz. After all, this gemstone comes in different shades of yellow, green, blue, and red. Sometimes, topaz doesn’t even have any colour. Yet everyone, even those living during ancient times, regards topaz highly because of its beauty and splendour.

What’s behind the unfathomable wonder of topaz? This mystery is no longer a secret, as jewellers reveal the history and the lore behind this famed gemstone.

A Gemstone with a Rich History

Topaz has been known and used for over 2000 years. In fact, it is one of the gemstones that form the foundations of the famed twelve gates to the Holy City of the New Jerusalem. Read more from this blog:

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Some of the Things You’ll Need to Know before Buying Engagement Rings

After getting to know a girl for some time, you’re confident that she’s the one you’ll want to spend the rest of your life with. Now, you’re ready to pop the big question and start the next chapter in your life as a couple. The next step is finding the perfect ring….

Women dream of the perfect proposal and wearing the most exquisite engagement ring that they could proudly show off. To put it simply, an engagement ring means a great deal for a woman. Thus, double your efforts into finding the perfect one among your choices of engagement rings by knowing these things first.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Here are Simple and Helpful Tips in Choosing a Groom’s Wedding Ring

You’ve said “yes” to the big question, and now you’re preparing for the big day when you and your significant other can finally spend the rest of your lives together. Before you busy yourself with all the wedding preparations, remember that picking out the wedding rings is among the most important tasks you’ll need to do – it’s one of the few physical things you’ll have left over after the big day!

Choosing a wedding ring is something that you can do as a couple, though keep in mind that the ring you choose should suit your groom as well. After all, it’s one piece of jewellery that men would wear for the rest of their lives. Thus, exceptional care must be given when choosing for your groom’s wedding ring.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Knowing the Jewellery Design Eras for an Antique Engagement Ring

People have different tastes when it comes to jewellery pieces. For instance, some aren’t captivated by modern engagement rings, but are enchanted by the innate allure of antique engagement rings. After all, there’s an unmistakable character and style in them that modern rings simply can’t replicate.

Like other jewellery pieces, you have a wide range of options for vintage engagement rings. One thing to know about these rings, though, is that its style is heavily influenced by the period it was made. It helps to know the distinct style and method in which an engagement ring is made in a particular jewellery period. Sometimes you can be lucky to find a genuine second hand ring in good enough condition to wear safely, other times modern reproductions offer amazingly accurate replicas with all the benefits of a modern made piece of jewellery.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Out-Of-This-World: Jewellery Shops Highlight the Elegance of Opals

Most gemstones often appear in a single colour, and are even characterised by it. Unlike other gemstones, however, opal has a unique display of flashing rainbow colours. As it showcases unsurpassed splendour and mystique, it’s no wonder that opal is, and remains to be, among the most fabled gemstones there is, as jewellery shops would attest to.

Made of Zeus’s Tears

Greeks call this gemstone opallios, which literally means “to see a change of colour”. In fact, ancient Greeks believe that opals are formed from Zeus’s tears of joys as he defeated the titans, and possessing one can bestow prophetic powers upon the bearer. Ancient Romans, on the other hand, regarded opals as a symbol of hope and good fortune.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Here’s a Simple Guide to the Most Common Metals Used for Wedding Bands

Amid all the wedding preparations, an engaged couple must put a lot of thought on their wedding rings. After all, this is perhaps the only piece of jewellery that you will both wear for a lifetime. It’s only right, then, that you get not only the perfect one, but a pair that will last for a very long time.

Regardless of your choice, here are the common metals most often used for wedding bands.


Among the different types of precious metals, platinum is considered as the most durable. This metal particularly works for men, as its bright white colour can easily match with steel or gold watch cases or bracelets and other silver coloured jewellery. Couples can be assured that the hard-wearing and weighty platinum will usually endure a lifetime of wear and enjoyment.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Cartier: Making the Shift from Exquisite Jewellery to Haute Horlogerie

Much has been said about the Cartier jewellery and watch brand, including the maison and its influence. It’s not surprising, though, as the brand has been the favourite among the crowned heads of Europe, and even earning the distinction of “King of Jewellers, Jewellers of Kings”. Undoubtedly, the Cartier brand is among the first names that would come to mind when the term haute joaillerie, or the fine art of jewellery-making, is mentioned.

Unknown to many, however, Cartier is also an esteemed brand when it comes to haute horlogerie, or the high art of watch making.

The First Wristwatch

Louis-Francois Cartier founded the brand in 1847, and it didn’t take long for it to become a benchmark when it comes to watch making. It was in 1888 when the first ladies’ jewelled watch appeared, though Cartier was creating timepieces for European royalties as early as 1856.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

From raw mineral to Engagement Rings: The Transformation of Sapphire

Among other gemstones, nothing is able to capture the majesty and encompassing colour of the sky than sapphires. Whether it’s the deep blue of an evening sky or a mid-blue of a sunny day, there’s a sapphire that perfectly mimics its appearance.

Gemstone lovers and specialists are enraptured by the stunning beauty of sapphires, though, like most gemstones, their beauty and magnificence is only fully realised after undergoing a set of processes. Sapphires, in its original form, are rough and unassuming. Yet after a series of processes, and with the skills of craftsmen, these stones are transformed into sparkling gems that are often found in jewellery pieces like engagement rings.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Jewellers Delve into the Rich History of the Fabled Tag Heuer Carrera

Decades ago, traditional races would look pale in comparison to the old Carrera Panamericana race. Considered one of the most dangerous races in history, this race was a border-to-border event traversing from the open roads of Mexico to hundreds of miles of rugged landscapes. It began in 1950, but because the 8-day-long races were often lethal (with over 27 people dead and dozens injured), they were temporarily discontinued in 1954.

Despite its history, renowned watchmaker Jack Heuer took inspiration from these races and introduced the Carrera Panamericana chronograph in 1953. This watch would later on be the inspiration for the successful Carrera line of timepieces unveiled in 1963. Recent makes of these watches can be bought from jewellers.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Gianfranco Bigli Make for Colourful yet Stunning Engagement Rings

For those leaning to the traditional, diamond rings make for the perfect way to announce an engagement. In 2016, couples are getting more adventurous with their choices of engagement and wedding rings and they have an even wider range of choices to mark the start of their life together.

If you’re looking for unconventional engagement rings in Berkshire, perhaps the pieces from the jewellery brand Gianfranco Bigli may catch your attention. Specialising in the creation of yellow and rose gold jewels and an unusual array of cabochon-cut gemstones and diamonds, the relatively new jewellery brand encourages its wearers to create an unusual colour combination by stacking each piece together, similar to engagement ring and wedding ring combinations.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Jewellery Shops Share the Rich Beliefs Associated with the Peridot

Vividly green, with just a subtle hint of gold within its core, peridot is the perfect gemstone for your jewellery, as it goes really well with any light summer wardrobe. There’s no wonder why peridot goes well with the summer fashion. It is, after all, one of the birthstones for the summer month of August.

This vividly-coloured gemstone has an unbelievably rich history that dates back during the Roman times, and has been associated with particular beliefs that remain until today. Jewellery shops can help you traverse through these beliefs associated with peridot.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Jewellers Share Some Helpful Ideas when Engraving Your Wedding Rings

Though picking out your wedding ring with your soon-to-be spouse is among the most personal experiences that you’ll share in your life together, having your wedding bands engraved with a few chosen words make the experience even more meaningful. A traditional act that has already been in place since medieval times, adding a love note on each other’s wedding bands is something that engaged couples should definitely consider.

In having your wedding bands engraved, several questions and factors will have to be considered. This is why you should always consult with jewellers first and ask them with these important questions.

Friday, 15 July 2016

For the Non-Traditional Couple: Opting for Rubies for Engagement Rings

When it comes to gemstones for engagement rings, diamonds immediately come to mind. In recent years, however, more couples are going for unconventional choices. Today, more women are sporting engagement rings with different gemstones, to stunning effect.

Among the different choices for gemstones, rubies stand out and are treasured for their outstanding durability, high degree of brilliance, rarity, and an unexplainable beauty. Not only is it a perfect way to announce your engagement, but it’s also the perfect gift for your belle, especially if she’s celebrating her birthday in July.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Bands, Colours, and Vintage: See the Timeless Trends in Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is one of the few pieces of jewellery that both man and woman will wear for the rest of their lives. Thus, it’s important that you pick one based not only on the latest trends, but one that will withstand the test of time. Trends come and go, but a truly fashionable wedding ring is one that, like the love shared between a married couple, will grow even more beautiful throughout the years.

Having trouble looking for the perfect wedding ring among Berkshire jewellers? Get some inspiration from these timeless trends for wedding rings.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Jewellery Shops Delve into the Secrets and Lore of the Exquisite Ruby

Red is often the colour associated with love and passion, and the colour that often radiates warmth and a strong sense of vitality. It wouldn’t be surprising, then, that the red-coloured ruby is also associated with these things.

Dubbed the “king of the gemstones”, ruby is considered one of the most valuable gemstones on Earth today. The undisputed ruler definitely has everything that a gemstone must have: a magnificent colour, excellent hardness, and outstanding brilliance. These qualities have long been highly-regarded in history, with rubies regarded as a gemstone that holds the power of life.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Not Just for Men: Jewellers Now Offer Women’s Watches from Bremont

Though relatively new in the field of luxury watches, the Bremont brand has definitely made a mark on the industry. Inspired by the founders’ love of flying historic aircraft, Bremont’s masterfully-crafted pilot’s watches are designed to be immensely precise, reliable, and durable. Each timepiece are hand built, moulded to show the innovation and mastery behind an extraordinary mechanical wristwatch.

Timepieces and Flying Machines It’s not surprising that one of the smartest watch brands available today from Reading jewellers is the brainchild of two boys, Nick and Giles Bremont, who share a love for both timepieces and flying machines. Their love of aeroplanes came from their father Euan, who held a PhD in aeronautical engineering from Cambridge.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Jacobs the Jewellers launches second year of Reading based young jewellery designer competition

The Bishopsland Educational Trust, a jewellery design postgraduate course provider based in South Oxfordshire, is pleased to announce after a successful first year, the launch of 2016’s public competition and exhibition for its students at Jacobs the Jewellers, in the heart of Reading town centre. Four young Bishopsland based jewellery designers will showcase one piece of silver and one piece of jewellery, competing for best design in each category. In the exhibition period June 6th to June 27th, the public will be able to view and try the designs, voting for their favourite design in each category at Jacobs the Jewellers Reading shop. Additionally, a number of Bishopsland alumni, now designers in their own right, will be exhibiting their work, though not in competition. The exhibition has been made possible for the Bishopsland trust through the initiative, co-operation and support of Jacobs the Jewellers, Reading’s leading independent jeweller.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Get a Lot of Great Ideas from These Diamond Rings Worn by Celebrities

Careful thought must be given in choosing engagement rings. After all, for women, an engagement ring is the most important piece of jewellery that they will receive in their lifetime. Thus, getting a ring that matches both your character and style is an important thing to do. This is better said than done, though, as engagement rings come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Before you head to a jeweller and find a ring for your special lady, it helps to get a couple of ideas from these engagement rings worn by celebrities. Different Ring Cuts Engagement rings come in different cuts, from the basic shapes like round and oval to more elegant forms like pear and marquis. Out of all these, the princess cut is among the most commonly seen among celebrities like Kate Bosworth. Perfect for brides with a taste in everything vintage.

Friday, 3 June 2016

The Latest in Engagement Rings: All the Unexpected Trends This Year

Though diamonds have been synonymous with engagement rings for a very long time, more couples have been choosing other styles and other gemstones. Be it emerald, pearl, or other stones, brides-to-be are now being spoilt with non-traditional engagement rings with an equally stunning design. Of all the latest designs in engagement rings, however, a couple of trends have unexpectedly entered the fray. Though unexpected, these designs are perfect for those looking for an eclectic and eye-catching engagement ring. The Prevalence of Yellow Gold Everyone has been accustomed to seeing engagement rings with white bands, (white gold or platinum). Today, however, more couples are now opting for yellow gold bands. Who wouldn’t blame these couples, though, as these rings is the right choice for those looking for something personal but with a dash of colour.

Jewellers Delve into the Beauty of Cultured Pearls Offered by Mikimoto

Nature yields surprising treasures and impressive wonders that continue to astonish and catch the eyes of everyone. Pearls, a by-product of molluscs’ defence mechanism against foreign bodies, are among those treasures that allure anyone’s eyes. With its innate lustre and beauty that transcends time and encapsulates the idea of purity, there’s no doubt that pearls are always in style. June’s birthstone is Pearl and they are difficult to find: high-quality pearls even more so. This is why jewellery brands like Mikimoto make use of cultured pearls in their products. As eye-catching and lustrous as natural pearls, cultured pearls from Mikimoto holds a distinction as among the most sought-after gems for jewellery pieces offered by Reading jewellers. How Cultured Pearls are Made Natural pearls are formed as a natural reaction of molluscs against irritants. For cultured pearls.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Jewellers in Reading: Celebrities that Wear the Prestige of Longines

They say that shoes can make or break an outfit, but they also say that your choice of watch can say a lot about you. There are many various kinds of watches out there, ranging from casual digital ones to impressive outdoor types, but most people would still prefer that quiet elegance found in classic brands and designs. One such world-famous watch brand is Longines. Backed by history of class and glamour, and responsible for the coinage of the catchphrase, “Elegance is an attitude,” there’s a very good reason why it still is considered to be among the most coveted timepieces in the modern market. Just look at some of these celebrities who have chosen Longines to proudly wear on their wrist.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Making of Forever: How Diamonds Become the Perfect Engagement Ring

That engagement ring from Reading jewellery stores you’ve been eyeing has a really interesting history behind it. Did you know that you have a commercial to thank for its existence? The ad was made to promote diamond mining company, De Beers. The US sales of diamonds were lacklustre back in the 1930’s, and the company sorely needed to improve its brand image and sales. The Historic Ad Assigned to the task was New York ad agency N.W. Ayer. Their goal was to make the diamond more relatable and create a need for it. So they tied it up to romance. They targeted the young males, shaping the perception that diamonds are the best way to profess love, assure professional stability, and capability to provide. The bigger the diamond, the more viable a man is for a woman.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

More Facts and Myths about Emerald in Reading Jewellery Shops

The long-standing belief is that gemstones do more than just accentuate and beautify a jewellery piece, but that it also has significant healing powers, and is a conduit of spiritual energy. In fact, there are some people that ask about the lore and beliefs behind it when they go into a jewellery shop in Reading and elsewhere. Here are some highlights for you: Sparkling History As myth would have it—Indian, in particular—emerald means “the green of growing things”, which is derived from the Sanskrit term “marakata.” The Persians, however, have a different version of it, which is derived from the Latin “smaragdus”. Conflicting nominal origins though they may be, the sure thing is that somehow, these ancient names eventually evolved into the “emerald” that we know today.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Get Bespoke Engagement Rings in Reading: Choosing Emerald

The long-standing tradition for engagements is that the ring will be a clear-cut diamond. It’s generally known to be the standard for everything romantic and, of course, it’s said to be a girl’s best friend.

Modern-day couples, however, are becoming more open and creative when it comes to their engagement rings. In fact, some ladies actively participate in the choosing of their engagement ring; the challenge to the man would then be how to present it and when.

An alternative options nowadays is the emerald. This is despite the previous perception that it’s not ideal for the occasion because it’s not as durable a gemstone as the diamond. Then again, it’s not as delicate as others would make it out to be.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

The Latest Trends in Diamond Rings: Exquisite Designs and Great Looks

At first it sometimes seems bewildering when it comes to choosing diamond rings, but deep down everyone has their preferences. Diamond rings come in a myriad of designs and you may find one or two that melt your heart. The choice of design when selecting a diamond ring depends on many aspects. You have to consider whether you have slender or wider fingers or if they are short or long. When browsing through diamond engagement rings in Berkshire and Reading, consider some of these unique and latest styles that jewellers are creating.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Myths on Wedding Rings: Cultural Beliefs and Stories about Diamonds

To say diamonds are some of the most popular stones in the world is a gross understatement. Diamonds have come to symbolise so much more than just lovely gems. When it comes to wedding rings, diamond is one of the choices that top the lists. There are jewellery stores that have magnificent collections of diamond wedding rings. When looking at those choices for wedding rings, ask yourself: what is it that has made diamond a favourite besides its structure? Here are some common beliefs and stories.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Reading Jewellery Shops’ Spotlight: Cartier, the Watchmaker of Kings

King Edward VII of England once referred to Cartier as the “jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers”. This is indeed no accident, for Cartier continues to produce some of the finest jewellery and timepieces in the world. Though Cartier timepieces have been around since 1847, the brand continues to produce exquisite-looking timepieces even for men and women without royal blood. What does 2016 have in store in terms of luxury watches?

Ways of Picking the Right Hulchi Belluni Jewellery in Reading

Jewellery is a measure of class and personal style. Whether you are wearing simple stud earrings or a diamond ring, your jewellery says a lot about you. You can make quite a statement by opting for pieces from high-quality jewellery brands. Hulchi Belluni, for one, is amongst the top jewellery brands you can find in Reading. In the past few years, Hulchi Belluni has become quite popular for its elegant designs and exquisite finishes. From exquisite necklaces to stunning earrings, the brand has jewellery collections that meet different needs.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Reading Jewellery Shops Offer A Guide on Aquamarine’s Inclusions

Precious gemstones like aquamarine are often valued on their identifying characteristics. As with diamonds, one of aquamarine’s most important factors is clarity. That isn’t to say, however, that inclusions often found in these gems are not a welcome sight. In fact, inclusions are one of its most interesting and most common occurring features. One just needs to learn about aquamarine’s inclusions before visiting Reading jewellery shops to realise what is worthy of collector’s attention. Eye-Clean Aquamarines that are usually cut and faceted are eye-clean. The term eye-clean means that the gem appears to be free of inclusions when viewed in daylight by the naked eye at a relatively short distance. It is, however, almost impossible to find an aquamarine with no inclusions whatsoever as it is often a defining feature. Eye-clean aquamarine are typically used as a centrepiece for jewellery.

Jewellers in Reading Help You Stay Right On Time With TAG Heuer Watches

For most people, watches are an indispensable part of their wardrobe, as it helps them keep track of time. Yet, when it comes to choices for high-end watches, only a few are truly worth of your time, and TAG Heuer timepieces are amongst them. With a strong history of innovation and ground-breaking developments, TAG Heuer has established itself as one of the world’s leading luxury watch brands available from jewellers in Reading today. The Choice for Sporting Events It was in 1860 when 20-year-old Edouard Heuer established a watchmaking workshop in St-Imier in Switzerland. Soon, his company established a reputation for integrating technical innovations in watchmaking, quality workmanship, and precise timekeeping for each piece that the brand has become a specialist in timing sports events.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Extraordinarily Stunning Aquamarine Stones from Jewellers in Reading

For a gemstone that has the same colour as the sea, it’s no wonder that gazing upon an aquamarine brings the same calming effect one can get as if staring at the ocean waves. Jewellers in Reading and Berkshire take a close look at aquamarine as one of the most popular gemstones in the world. Not only has it distinguished itself amongst other jewels because of its blue hue, but also for its qualities that make it the perfect gem for March birthday celebrants and brides. The Sailor’s Stone Derived from the Latin words “aqua” (water) and “mare” (sea), the gemstone was said to have been originated from a treasure chest of fabulous mermaids. Since then, aquamarine has been used as a lucky stone for sailors.

Jewellers in Reading Prove How Tag Heuer Endures the Test of Time

With a long history, Tag Heuer is one of the most recognised brands of watches to date. Tag Heuer is a well-known icon celebrated all over the world and a shining example of quality Swiss watchmaking. Jacobs the Jewellers in Reading and Berkshire is honoured to be one of the few authorised agents for Tag Heuer as the renowned brand continues to make history with every milestone reached. Tag Heuer’s journey started more than 150 years ago, in the year 1860 when Edouard Heuer opened a small workshop in the remote mountain village of Saint Imier. Edouard Heuer is the first pioneer of Tag Heuer’s proud history. Through the years, Tag Heuer had a hand in many innovations in watchmaking technology.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Carving a Promise: Some Ideas On Engraved Wedding Rings from Reading

Recently, a married couple in Michigan became famous all over the Internet because of their ingenious wedding ring. A photo that circulated around the web showed the inside of a man’s wedding ring, inscribed with the words “Put it back on”. The inscription, the man said, was his wife’s idea. Whilst some may dismiss it as too possessive, her husband actually appreciated the inscription, which may have contributed to their strong marriage for five years and counting. Wedding Rings from Reading In a world where words and images disappear as quickly as they appear, wedding rings engraved with meaningful words of love is one of the many ways soon-to-be-wed couples can hold on to their promise of loving one another. Like the aforementioned example, it doesn’t have to be too saccharine or too cheesy, as long as the words engraved on your rings mean something significant for both of you.

Jewellers in Reading Delve Seductive Amethyst folklore

Simply gazing upon this exquisite purple gemstone is enough for one to feel calm and peaceful, yet amethyst does more than that. Coveted long ago by royalty and ecclesiastical princes, the seductive-looking amethyst was believed to help protect people against seduction and drunkenness. Today, jewellers in Reading take this gemstone to be considered an apt stone for those born in February. Not Intoxicated The gemstone’s name is said to be derived from the Greek word “amethystos”, or “not intoxicated”. Ancient Greeks associated its wine-like colour to their god of wine, Dionysus, and was believed to make wearers have a clear head and a quick wit during battle and business affairs.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Jacobs the Jewellers on Latest Trends in Engagement and Diamond Rings

Year after year, different trends in engagement rings emerge but diamond rings still remain the popular choice here in Reading and elsewhere in the UK. Jacobs the Jewellers specialises in diamond jewellery, particularly engagement rings. We offer a wide range of diamond engagement rings, and we are more than happy to assist customers in finding the ideal ring. As a leading jewellery store in the area, we make it a point to keep abreast of latest trends in order to cater to the tastes of our valued clients. Engagement rings that feature vintage designs are becoming more popular in Berkshire these days. Due to their elegant and timeless look, one can never go wrong with such rings. Our collection features a platinum diamond halo ring for those who want to follow this trend. The design consists of a raised cushion cut diamond surrounded by round brilliant cut diamonds on a diamond set tapered shoulder band.

Reading Jewellery Shops Put a Spotlight on Renowned Brand Georg Jensen

As one of the most established independent Reading jewellery shops, Jacobs the Jewellers prides itself in featuring only the best brands of jewellery. From precious accessories to coloured gemstone jewellery, we carry some of the prestigious brands like Bigli, Longines, Tag Heuer, Bulgari, Fope and more. This month, Jacobs the Jewellers is putting a spotlight on some of the finest works of renowned brand Georg Jensen. Georg Jensen is a brand that has more than 100 years across different industries like hollowware, watches, and home products. They are, however, most known for their jewellery which are made with the highest quality of craftsmanship and timeless aesthetic design. Founder Georg Jensen started the now world-famous brand in Copanhagen in 1904 with the philosophy to create democratic designs possessing both functionality and beauty.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Save More on Wedding Rings and Wedding Bands During Valentine’s Month

Other than choosing the perfect wedding wear and planning each and every facet of the wedding day, choosing the perfect wedding ring is a long lasting celebration of your love with your soon-to-be spouse. Careful thought must be given in choosing your wedding ring, as it will signify your ever-lasting love with the person you wish to spend the rest of your life with. Now that February is upon everyone, Jacobs, one of the most established jewellers in Reading, celebrates the Month of Love by helping soon-to-be-wed couples get the wedding ring they want for excepti0nal promotional prices. Simply visit our jewellery shop in Berkshire and take your pick among our wide range of gold or platinum wedding bands, all of which are priced 15% less for the whole month of February. Enjoy the same savings even if you wish to have a bespoke or commissioned ring.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Trusted Jewellery Shop in Reading Wins NAJ Retailer of the Year 2015

Jacobs the Jewellers, a most trusted independent jewellery shop in Reading, wins The National Association of Jewellers’ prestigious Retailer of the Year award for 2015. Chairmen Gary Wroe, MD of Hockley Mint and Andrew Hinds, MD of F Hinds, prominent figures in the jewellery industry, had the honour of announcing the nominees to 360 guests present at the event in December 2015 to celebrate the accomplishments of the established organisation’s members. Check out the event on YouTube.

Jewellers in Reading Go Behind the Exceptional Beauty of Red Garnet

Often found amongst the antique jewellery, the deep-red gemstone called garnet remains used for beautiful jewellery pieces available today from trusted jewellers in Reading and Berkshire. Simply seeing the rich colour of this gemstone can immediately give you a boost, since most people believe that garnet boosts and revitalises the body. You may be surprised to know, however, that garnet is the term used for a group of more than ten different gemstones with the same chemical composition. The “Seed” Gemstone Experts and jewellers believe that the term “garnet” was derived from the Latin term “granum”, or “seed”, due to its appearance being similar to a pomegranate seed. Red continues to be the gemstone’s principal colour, though garnets can also come in different shades of green, yellow, and orange. There are also rare ones that can even change colours, depending on the light.

Jacobs on Bulgari’s Most Iconic Diamond Rings and Other Jewellery

Bulgari is one of the most established brands of jewellery, watches, and other luxurious accessories in the globe. The Italian jewellery house was founded in Rome by Sotirio Bulgari, a visionary silversmith. Today, Bulgari is known as an icon in the jewellery and watchmaking industries with some of their most famous diamond rings, watches, and other jewellery being forever imbued in history. As a result, many designers and retailers in the trade like Jacobs the Jewellers in Reading and Berkshire still pay homage to this legendary brand. Bulgari’s exceptional attention to detail can be clearly seen in the high level of craftsmanship put into their rings. In fact, Bulgari has created one of the most expensive rings in the world to date. The Bulgari Two-Stone diamond ring with 9.87 carat white diamond and an extremely rare 10.95 carat blue diamond is valued at $15.7 million.