Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Some of the Things You’ll Need to Know before Buying Engagement Rings

After getting to know a girl for some time, you’re confident that she’s the one you’ll want to spend the rest of your life with. Now, you’re ready to pop the big question and start the next chapter in your life as a couple. The next step is finding the perfect ring….

Women dream of the perfect proposal and wearing the most exquisite engagement ring that they could proudly show off. To put it simply, an engagement ring means a great deal for a woman. Thus, double your efforts into finding the perfect one among your choices of engagement rings by knowing these things first.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Here are Simple and Helpful Tips in Choosing a Groom’s Wedding Ring

You’ve said “yes” to the big question, and now you’re preparing for the big day when you and your significant other can finally spend the rest of your lives together. Before you busy yourself with all the wedding preparations, remember that picking out the wedding rings is among the most important tasks you’ll need to do – it’s one of the few physical things you’ll have left over after the big day!

Choosing a wedding ring is something that you can do as a couple, though keep in mind that the ring you choose should suit your groom as well. After all, it’s one piece of jewellery that men would wear for the rest of their lives. Thus, exceptional care must be given when choosing for your groom’s wedding ring.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Knowing the Jewellery Design Eras for an Antique Engagement Ring

People have different tastes when it comes to jewellery pieces. For instance, some aren’t captivated by modern engagement rings, but are enchanted by the innate allure of antique engagement rings. After all, there’s an unmistakable character and style in them that modern rings simply can’t replicate.

Like other jewellery pieces, you have a wide range of options for vintage engagement rings. One thing to know about these rings, though, is that its style is heavily influenced by the period it was made. It helps to know the distinct style and method in which an engagement ring is made in a particular jewellery period. Sometimes you can be lucky to find a genuine second hand ring in good enough condition to wear safely, other times modern reproductions offer amazingly accurate replicas with all the benefits of a modern made piece of jewellery.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Out-Of-This-World: Jewellery Shops Highlight the Elegance of Opals

Most gemstones often appear in a single colour, and are even characterised by it. Unlike other gemstones, however, opal has a unique display of flashing rainbow colours. As it showcases unsurpassed splendour and mystique, it’s no wonder that opal is, and remains to be, among the most fabled gemstones there is, as jewellery shops would attest to.

Made of Zeus’s Tears

Greeks call this gemstone opallios, which literally means “to see a change of colour”. In fact, ancient Greeks believe that opals are formed from Zeus’s tears of joys as he defeated the titans, and possessing one can bestow prophetic powers upon the bearer. Ancient Romans, on the other hand, regarded opals as a symbol of hope and good fortune.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Here’s a Simple Guide to the Most Common Metals Used for Wedding Bands

Amid all the wedding preparations, an engaged couple must put a lot of thought on their wedding rings. After all, this is perhaps the only piece of jewellery that you will both wear for a lifetime. It’s only right, then, that you get not only the perfect one, but a pair that will last for a very long time.

Regardless of your choice, here are the common metals most often used for wedding bands.


Among the different types of precious metals, platinum is considered as the most durable. This metal particularly works for men, as its bright white colour can easily match with steel or gold watch cases or bracelets and other silver coloured jewellery. Couples can be assured that the hard-wearing and weighty platinum will usually endure a lifetime of wear and enjoyment.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Cartier: Making the Shift from Exquisite Jewellery to Haute Horlogerie

Much has been said about the Cartier jewellery and watch brand, including the maison and its influence. It’s not surprising, though, as the brand has been the favourite among the crowned heads of Europe, and even earning the distinction of “King of Jewellers, Jewellers of Kings”. Undoubtedly, the Cartier brand is among the first names that would come to mind when the term haute joaillerie, or the fine art of jewellery-making, is mentioned.

Unknown to many, however, Cartier is also an esteemed brand when it comes to haute horlogerie, or the high art of watch making.

The First Wristwatch

Louis-Francois Cartier founded the brand in 1847, and it didn’t take long for it to become a benchmark when it comes to watch making. It was in 1888 when the first ladies’ jewelled watch appeared, though Cartier was creating timepieces for European royalties as early as 1856.