Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Opal Diamond Ring Aftercare Tips From Reading Jewellers

Having a hard time looking for a perfect October wedding ring? Worry not as opals and diamonds can look good together in one jewellery piece. Diamonds represent the groom’s strength and toughness. Whilst, opals symbolise the bride’s delicate and soft personality.

However, taking care of opal diamond jewellery can be overwhelming at first. Opal is a stark opposite of diamond’s characteristics. But, although fragile, this elegant gemstone is one of the most fascinated stones since time immemorial.

Remember, owning a precious jewellery is like nurturing a relationship. So, before you get to choose that opal diamond ring, you need to know how you can take good care of it. You need to maintain its original shape and preserve its setting.

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Bespoke Sapphire Engagement Rings from Reading Jewellery Shops

Saying your “I dos” can be sweeter with the promise of forever. But, what can be more promising than a beautiful and precious sapphire engagement ring? For those who are born in September, you’re in luck. Your birthstone is said to promote honesty and fidelity in marriage. Truly, this gemstone is a delight to those who receive it.
In fact, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, wears an heirloom sapphire band. And, this famous heirloom was the same ring which Prince Charles once gave to Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. It was once reported that the Princess of Wales chose this ring because “it was the biggest”. And, its deep blue hue was said to have complemented perfectly with her eyes.

Now, what more reasons do you need to choose a sapphire ring? Let us revisit at some of this gemstone’s fascinating features below.  

Jewellers Bring Sparkle to Your Engagement Rings with Sapphire Stones

Engagement rings can have a beautiful set of sapphire stones. These range from the minimalist, one-stone offers to the most extravagant baubles. Have you considered a halo ring setting to frame your stone, or a classic four-prong stunner?

Whatever you choose, your ring should be the main focus. Any stone that is fit for royalty must be at centre stage. So, come and see the sapphire’s lustre through its cut, colour and clarity.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Inspire Finesse on Wolf Watch Boxes from Reading Jewellery Shops

Since 1834, Wolf jewellery pieces have been a name synonymous with luxury. From embossed watch boxes to sleek leather jewellery cases, each handcrafted piece is a work of art. But, for those who seek a sense of a free-spirited luxury, then this brand is for you.
Striking jewellery and watches need an equally striking case. Put them in something that speaks to your personality. You may wear for style with a more Rococo-inspired gilded pieces, or a sleek leather case. But, no matter what pleases you, Reading jewellery shops can offer.

Reading Jewellery Shops Offering Wolf Watch Boxes Collection

Fall in love with their timeless watch cases that house favoured timepieces. These pieces are works of art themselves. By using only premium materials such as leather and lizard skin, Wolf Watch Boxes are handmade to perfection. Additional touches such as metal grommets and cut-outs add flair. 

Take a journey through some of their recent collections. Which of these pieces are suited for you?

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Berkshire Jewellers Tell-All: A Wedding Band Men Really Want To Wear

Is it time for the both of you to tie the knot? Well, we know you have been waiting for this moment. And finally, you have found the right person to spend the rest of your life with.
Now, planning your wedding event may be overwhelming.  However, it may begin to become easier by choosing the right wedding bands for both the bride and the groom.

Women love to choose wedding rings with intricate designs. But, oftentimes men have a hard time picking which ring suits best. That is why the groom usually leave this decision to his bride. 

So, as a bride-to-be, how do you pick the right piece for your groom? As for the grooms, what makes you really want wear it? Read on and learn how jewellers help you ensure the perfect pieces right for you.

How To Choose the Right Wedding Band for Men from Berkshire Jewellers

Wedding rings have a rich historical and cultural reference from mere fashion accessories to symbolising love of couples [Ancient Origins]. And, if you are going to wear it, you must know that it is “till death do you part”. But, you need to consider a lot of factors, too.

Today, men tend to like their rings that have a contemporary look. These rings show masculinity, strength and balance. And, they choose those comfortable and hand-friendly bands.

But, can they have bespoke designs, too? Of course, they can. So, kiss the traditional flat, gold pieces goodbye. And, say hello to the latest trends of men’s wedding bands.

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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Spruce Up with a Bespoke Diamond Ring from Reading Jewellers

Buy Diamond Rings from Jewellers To Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

Diamonds may be the girl’s best friend. Or, it is may be the most sophisticated gemstones of all time. But, diamonds can be look less attractive if placed in a setting that doesn’t flatter a woman’s hand. This can either make their finger shorter or even heavier than they desire. So, women should be mindful of their ring style.
Today, many delicate styles can be customised. These lovely rings don’t have to be set as engagement or wedding rings. You no longer have to be engaged just to wear this precious ring. You can even spruce up your outfit with a bespoke diamond ring.

So, keep reading. And, understand how to become fashionable with a custom-designed diamond rings from Reading jewellers like Jacobs the Jewellers.

Diamond Rings Can Level Up Your Outfit Says Jewellers

Diamonds are rich in colours. White diamonds can now be matched with any coloured gemstone under the sun. In fact, coloured diamonds are now becoming a popular fashion accent, too. This makes rings not to be solely for couples only. But, it can also be worn as fashion rings, cocktail rings and men’s ring.

As what jewellers say, you can’t go wrong with a sparkling ring in a boring old outfit. Do you want to know how to enjoy wearing this diamond jewellery piece on your finger? Be delighted with these diamond ring designs.