Sunday, 5 June 2016

Jacobs the Jewellers launches second year of Reading based young jewellery designer competition

The Bishopsland Educational Trust, a jewellery design postgraduate course provider based in South Oxfordshire, is pleased to announce after a successful first year, the launch of 2016’s public competition and exhibition for its students at Jacobs the Jewellers, in the heart of Reading town centre. Four young Bishopsland based jewellery designers will showcase one piece of silver and one piece of jewellery, competing for best design in each category. In the exhibition period June 6th to June 27th, the public will be able to view and try the designs, voting for their favourite design in each category at Jacobs the Jewellers Reading shop. Additionally, a number of Bishopsland alumni, now designers in their own right, will be exhibiting their work, though not in competition. The exhibition has been made possible for the Bishopsland trust through the initiative, co-operation and support of Jacobs the Jewellers, Reading’s leading independent jeweller.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Get a Lot of Great Ideas from These Diamond Rings Worn by Celebrities

Careful thought must be given in choosing engagement rings. After all, for women, an engagement ring is the most important piece of jewellery that they will receive in their lifetime. Thus, getting a ring that matches both your character and style is an important thing to do. This is better said than done, though, as engagement rings come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Before you head to a jeweller and find a ring for your special lady, it helps to get a couple of ideas from these engagement rings worn by celebrities. Different Ring Cuts Engagement rings come in different cuts, from the basic shapes like round and oval to more elegant forms like pear and marquis. Out of all these, the princess cut is among the most commonly seen among celebrities like Kate Bosworth. Perfect for brides with a taste in everything vintage.

Friday, 3 June 2016

The Latest in Engagement Rings: All the Unexpected Trends This Year

Though diamonds have been synonymous with engagement rings for a very long time, more couples have been choosing other styles and other gemstones. Be it emerald, pearl, or other stones, brides-to-be are now being spoilt with non-traditional engagement rings with an equally stunning design. Of all the latest designs in engagement rings, however, a couple of trends have unexpectedly entered the fray. Though unexpected, these designs are perfect for those looking for an eclectic and eye-catching engagement ring. The Prevalence of Yellow Gold Everyone has been accustomed to seeing engagement rings with white bands, (white gold or platinum). Today, however, more couples are now opting for yellow gold bands. Who wouldn’t blame these couples, though, as these rings is the right choice for those looking for something personal but with a dash of colour.

Jewellers Delve into the Beauty of Cultured Pearls Offered by Mikimoto

Nature yields surprising treasures and impressive wonders that continue to astonish and catch the eyes of everyone. Pearls, a by-product of molluscs’ defence mechanism against foreign bodies, are among those treasures that allure anyone’s eyes. With its innate lustre and beauty that transcends time and encapsulates the idea of purity, there’s no doubt that pearls are always in style. June’s birthstone is Pearl and they are difficult to find: high-quality pearls even more so. This is why jewellery brands like Mikimoto make use of cultured pearls in their products. As eye-catching and lustrous as natural pearls, cultured pearls from Mikimoto holds a distinction as among the most sought-after gems for jewellery pieces offered by Reading jewellers. How Cultured Pearls are Made Natural pearls are formed as a natural reaction of molluscs against irritants. For cultured pearls.