Thursday, 29 September 2016

From raw mineral to Engagement Rings: The Transformation of Sapphire

Among other gemstones, nothing is able to capture the majesty and encompassing colour of the sky than sapphires. Whether it’s the deep blue of an evening sky or a mid-blue of a sunny day, there’s a sapphire that perfectly mimics its appearance.

Gemstone lovers and specialists are enraptured by the stunning beauty of sapphires, though, like most gemstones, their beauty and magnificence is only fully realised after undergoing a set of processes. Sapphires, in its original form, are rough and unassuming. Yet after a series of processes, and with the skills of craftsmen, these stones are transformed into sparkling gems that are often found in jewellery pieces like engagement rings.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Jewellers Delve into the Rich History of the Fabled Tag Heuer Carrera

Decades ago, traditional races would look pale in comparison to the old Carrera Panamericana race. Considered one of the most dangerous races in history, this race was a border-to-border event traversing from the open roads of Mexico to hundreds of miles of rugged landscapes. It began in 1950, but because the 8-day-long races were often lethal (with over 27 people dead and dozens injured), they were temporarily discontinued in 1954.

Despite its history, renowned watchmaker Jack Heuer took inspiration from these races and introduced the Carrera Panamericana chronograph in 1953. This watch would later on be the inspiration for the successful Carrera line of timepieces unveiled in 1963. Recent makes of these watches can be bought from jewellers.