Sunday, 24 May 2015

Reading Jewellers Announce Competition for Young Talented Designers

Young jewellery designers in Reading, Berkshire just got an opportunity to showcase their work. Professional Jeweller, an online source for news and other information about the jewellery industry, announced that the Bishopsland Educational Trust, a provider of postgraduate course in jewellery design with a base of operations in South Oxfordshire, will hold a public-facing competition for its students on June 1. The said competition will be followed by an exhibition of the designs, open to the public from June 2 to 22. The whole event is a collaborative effort of renowned Reading jeweller Jacobs the Jewellers and City of London livery company Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths. The winners will be decided through voting by public viewers.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Diamond Rings in Reading: Choosing the Perfect Setting Design for You

Those looking for the simplicity of a traditional design will find the Bezel setting right up their alley. The design features a single piece surrounded by a metal rim. This style is one of the earliest methods used for jewellery and still is a popular choice today. It protects the stone from getting chipped and holds it securely in place, with a distinctly smooth surface that won’t get snagged on delicate fabrics. The metal surrounding the stone also makes it look larger than it really is. Each setting design has its own advantages. Be sure to take your time in choosing the right one for your engagement ring in Reading from the most trusted makers of quality rings, like Jacobs the Jewellers.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Choosing Wedding Rings in Reading of Various Styles for the Big Day

If engagement rings are all about the flashy stones, wedding bands in Berkshire are all about the precious metals. If you’re both very traditional, your popular choices would be yellow gold or pure gold. If you can’t seem to settle on one, you can agree to disagree and choose different metals but have it made so that they’re sporting the same style. Of course, you’ll want something that would stand the test of time. Therefore, you should not settle for 22ct gold bands as it is too soft to be worn daily, but rather, an 18ct golden ring that can better handle the job.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Reading Jewellery Shops: Customize an Engagement Ring from an Heirloom

Heirloom rings can have various origins. Aside from engagement rings, they could also be anniversary rings or any ring that was treasured by its previous owners, who may be any of your relatives of significance. Precious gemstones from old and unused accessories like brooches and split rings may also be used to create a customized engagement ring. You may also have an existing ring altered to suit the lifestyle of your bride-to-be. Have it redesigned at trusted Reading jewellery shops like Jacobs the Jewellers. Your fiancĂ©e will certainly appreciate an heirloom ring that have been re-created especially to suit her personal style. You’d want her to wear it more often than simply have it locked in a safe because it is too different from her own preferences.