Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Not Just for Men: Jewellers Now Offer Women’s Watches from Bremont

Though relatively new in the field of luxury watches, the Bremont brand has definitely made a mark on the industry. Inspired by the founders’ love of flying historic aircraft, Bremont’s masterfully-crafted pilot’s watches are designed to be immensely precise, reliable, and durable. Each timepiece are hand built, moulded to show the innovation and mastery behind an extraordinary mechanical wristwatch.

Timepieces and Flying Machines It’s not surprising that one of the smartest watch brands available today from Reading jewellers is the brainchild of two boys, Nick and Giles Bremont, who share a love for both timepieces and flying machines. Their love of aeroplanes came from their father Euan, who held a PhD in aeronautical engineering from Cambridge.

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