Friday, 3 June 2016

Jewellers Delve into the Beauty of Cultured Pearls Offered by Mikimoto

Nature yields surprising treasures and impressive wonders that continue to astonish and catch the eyes of everyone. Pearls, a by-product of molluscs’ defence mechanism against foreign bodies, are among those treasures that allure anyone’s eyes. With its innate lustre and beauty that transcends time and encapsulates the idea of purity, there’s no doubt that pearls are always in style. June’s birthstone is Pearl and they are difficult to find: high-quality pearls even more so. This is why jewellery brands like Mikimoto make use of cultured pearls in their products. As eye-catching and lustrous as natural pearls, cultured pearls from Mikimoto holds a distinction as among the most sought-after gems for jewellery pieces offered by Reading jewellers. How Cultured Pearls are Made Natural pearls are formed as a natural reaction of molluscs against irritants. For cultured pearls.

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