Monday, 25 January 2016

Jewellers in Reading Go Behind the Exceptional Beauty of Red Garnet

Often found amongst the antique jewellery, the deep-red gemstone called garnet remains used for beautiful jewellery pieces available today from trusted jewellers in Reading and Berkshire. Simply seeing the rich colour of this gemstone can immediately give you a boost, since most people believe that garnet boosts and revitalises the body. You may be surprised to know, however, that garnet is the term used for a group of more than ten different gemstones with the same chemical composition. The “Seed” Gemstone Experts and jewellers believe that the term “garnet” was derived from the Latin term “granum”, or “seed”, due to its appearance being similar to a pomegranate seed. Red continues to be the gemstone’s principal colour, though garnets can also come in different shades of green, yellow, and orange. There are also rare ones that can even change colours, depending on the light.

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