Monday, 2 November 2015

Jacobs the Jewellers in Reading Expands Its Top-Quality Selection

From our company’s beginnings in 1948 up to over six decades later, we at Jacobs have continued to refine how jewellers in Reading trade quality collections and pieces. We entered the jewellers’ trade offering second-hand yet high-quality hand-picked silver and jewellery. From that point forward, we’ve worked hard to expand our offerings of beautiful, top quality pieces by incorporating illustrious brands to our inventory. In this update, we’ll talk about another esteemed addition to our diverse range of exquisite jewellery. An important part of our selection here at Jacobs is our watch line-up. There are more to these timekeeping pieces than functional purposes, though: They don’t just tell time, but they can also serve as avenues for wearers to showcase their respective personalities. This is why we’ve made sure that our watches are of the highest quality.

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