Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Local Reading Jewellery Shops: On Bespoke Rings and Surprise Proposals

The latest trends say that ladies are more involved than ever in engagement ring buying. Consider for one moment before you let the cat out of the bag, happened to romance? You may be about to deny her the once in a lifetime moment—that overwhelming surge of emotion as a lover goes down on one knee and presents his lady the precious ring, symbolising his devotion to take her hand in marriage. No proposal so grandiose or a ring so expensive can ever rival the romantic value of one done in surprise. You’ll need the perfect ring to amp up your Prince Charming appeal on the big day though. Have it customised in one of the premier Reading jewellery shops, Jacobs, but take care that she doesn’t catch you! We’ve been trusted with creating the perfect engagement ring for over 65 years so you’re in safe hands. You can read our reviews on facebook or google.

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